Hey, I’m

Priyank Thakkar

Actor / Producer 


About Me

Hello, I am Priyank Thakkar and I am an Actor/Producer based in Los Angeles. I come from the home of Bollywood but I have always been fascinated by Hollywood. I started my career in medicine after I finished high school, but after a roller coaster of a journey, I landed in Los Angeles pursuing the thing I love the most. 

I am well known for the critically acclaimed web series "Varta Re Varta- Season 2", my award-winning short films "World as we know it", "Selfie!", "Nick and Sarah", "_happyface4". I have dozens of festival nominations and won many awards for my projects around the globe. I am also published in many printed publications across the world, including Voyage LA magazine and The Times of India.




Headshot by

Jeremy David